We provide services to end users as well as act as consultants to architectural firms in the area of building thermal simulation and performance, and solar energy related design.

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Architectural Design:

We design and produce construction documents, including specifications for any size building we are allowed, by regulation of O.A.A. We use state of the art CAD and BIM software to produce detailed and comprehensive construction documents including specifications.

Simulation of heat flow in buildings:

We use state of the art simulation software to provide transient calculation of heat transfer between zones in buildings as well as to the exterior, using detailed local weather data. Required energy to maintain a thermally comfortable interior can be calculated for any period of time, be it a day, specific season or a year. Thermal performance simulations can be used during the design process to achieve better use of energy and meet current energy efficiency requirements.

Solar energy calculation: 

We can calculate clear sky values of available solar energy on any surface (any orientation and tilt), located anywhere. We can calculate hourly, daily, monthly and yearly totals for Normal, Direct, Diffuse and Total clear sky solar energy available on any surface, and any solar related angle required. This permits optimization of solar panel angles to provide maximum energy in a specific period of the year, season, or all year.


We can provide with our associate Architect in France Javier Armengol,  photorealistic renderings of designed buildings. Our renderings use the materials and physical properties of the materials, lighting properties of the luminaries specified in the design and real sunlight conditions of the location and orientation of the building.


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